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We Love You Through Thick and Thin!

As a project of, the mission of is to promote healthy body image and self-image for people of all cultures and sizes. We believe that one’s body image and identity happens in the mind. In fact, body image has very little to do with one's actual body. Rather, it comes from messages, beliefs, habits and self-talk.

The average American sees more than 600 ads per day. How do we process what we see? Do we question it, or simply ingest it? Our media "literacy" can powerfully shape our self-perception. Awareness is the antidote. By taking a step back, we can identify where negative or disempowering beliefs originate (e.g., the media, peers, family).

As we grow conscious, we can shift from a passive to an active role, creating our own versions of beauty and identity instead of trying to live up to an unattainable ideal. We are dedicated to giving you the tools and inspiration to love yourself through thick and thin. We say: think freely and live fully!

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