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Do you think someone close to you has an eating disorder? Do you have a problem with an eating disorder? Either way, there's no need to go it alone. You need support right now and the organizations below can lend a hand.

Self-help groups can complement and extend the effects of professional treatment.

The most prominent self-help groups are those affiliated with Smart Recovery® which is based on a cognitive-behavioral (thinking/doing) model. 

Support groups are offered at counseling centers, hospitals, churches and places of worship, community centers, and schools -- and at online Internet support communities.

We encourage parents who have teens with behavior problems to attend a parenting group for support and guidance, such as Families Anonymous .

You will find that a support group can provide emotional support, practical coping skills and strategies, and empower you towards personal growth, positive changes, and healing.

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Anorexics and Bulimics Anonymous
ABA is a fellowship of individuals whose primary purpose is to find and maintain “sobriety” in our eating practices, and to help others gain sobriety. The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop unhealthy eating practices.

Aspartame Victims Support Group
E-mail group where victims of aspartame poisoning discuss the issues of aspartame recovery and aspartame activism.

Celebrate Recovery
Christian support groups not only for alcoholics but also for codependents, people with eating disorders, those struggling with sexual addictions, anger, those dealing with past or current physical abuse or sexual abuse issues, those in need of financial recovery and -- anyone dealing with any kind of hurt, hang-up or habit.

Christian Recovery International
A coalition of ministries dedicated to helping the Christian community become a safe and helpful place for people recovering from addiction, abuse or trauma.

Co-Dependents Anonymous (CoDA)
A fellowship of men and women whose common purpose is to develop healthy relationships through the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions.

Compassionate Friends
National self-help support organization that offers friendship and understanding to bereaved parents, grandparents and siblings.  There is no religious affiliation and there are no membership dues or fees.

Eating Disorders Anonymous
12-step group based on the steps, traditions and principles of Alcoholics Anonymous that believes people can and do fully recover from their eating disorders.

Emotions Anonymous
Supports individuals who want to achieve and maintain emotional health by understanding and utilizing the 12 Steps in their daily lives.

Families Anonymous
12-step, self-help, recovery and support fellowship for families and friends concerned about a loved one's past, present or suspected use of drugs or alcohol, and/or behavior-related problems.

Family First Aid
Parents and other adults should know the signs of teen eating disorders so they can get help for teens who have a problem.

Obsessive-Compulsive Anonymous
12-step fellowship of people who share their experience, strength, and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from OCD.

Overcomers Outreach
Christ-centered 12-step recovery program addressing all addictions, compulsions and codependents.

Overeaters Anonymous
12-step fellowship of men and women from all walks of life who meet in order to help solve a common problem -- compulsive overeating.

Recoveries Anonymous
12-step fellowship formed to offer support to anyone, with any self-destructive or dysfunctional problem.

Self-Help Sourcebook OnLine
Searchable database that includes information on over 800+ national, international and demonstrational model self-help support groups, ideas for starting groups, and opportunities to link with others to develop needed new national or international groups.

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