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The decision of whether or not to have sex is up to you.


  • Be afraid to say "No";
  • Be so embarrassed about buying or getting condoms;
  • feel peer/date pressure;
  • abuse alcohol or drugs;
  • leave yourself unprotected.
  • believe using birth control pills is enough protection;
  • Be too embarrassed about asking questions; and,
  • fail to plan--even the first time.

Sex For the First Time
Just having sex for the first time can be a huge emotional event. There are many questions and feelings that you may want to sort out before you actually get "in the heat of the moment."

Ask yourself:

  • Am I really ready to have sex?
  • How am I going to feel after I have sex?
  • How am I going to feel about my partner afterwards?
  • Am I doing this for the right reasons?
  • How do I plan to protect myself/my partner from sexually transmitted infections or pregnancy?

Good things to remember:

  • You are never truly alone. There is always some help somewhere for you. Talk to your mom or dad, your school nurse or counselor. Find someone. Talk with them.
  • A local STI clinic will help you know what you can be tested for and when testing will be accurate. Remember, if you already had sex, you can decide not to have sex any more until you're ready.

What if Sex Was Forced?
If you live in an abusive household or if you are a survivor of rape or date rape, find help soon so that you can feel safe and start to heal. This is a scary experience and can make you feel angry, dirty and responsible. Always remember that it was not your fault and look for help. Your parents, school counselors or local rape crisis centers can be helpful. Some girls think it's cool to date older guys. Just remember that older guys may be ready for sex when you're not. If you have an older boyfriend who wants to have sex, remember it's your choice; you decide when you're ready.

Some teenagers have sex because:

  • They want to feel accepted
  • It's "cool" to have sex
  • It's easier to have sex than say no
  • They want to feel close to someone
  • They feel peer pressure
  • They're in love
  • They want to experiment

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